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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Indian Professional Fashionable Clothing and Accessories

Many of the professional community of men & ladies have changed their clothing styles considerably as compared from the past. Western fashion has become more common among the Indian professional community. Men are seen often in horizontal stripes & plains casual business shirts. Whereas working ladies are seen in salwaar suits & also in denims & t-shirts.

Various fashion accessories along with Stylish Indian clothing are also utilized by these groups of individuals who are professionals & need to go on with the latest fashion & style of India & abroad. Chilled stylish & multi colored sun shades are used by both men & ladies of the Indian stylish society which makes them look more stylish.

Due to much growth of ladies empowerment & influence of western culture, most of the teenagers & adult stylish girls of Indian Metro cities are also seen wearing low hip denims, low neck tops, tight jean trousers with salwaar, half trousers, sleeveless T shirts etc.

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