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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Striped Designer and Black Ties

New Striped Tie Collection by Cavallieri

striped-yellow-silk-tierose-petal-striped-tienavy-yellow-striped-tieblue-red-striped-tieLooking for elegance, sophistication, and style? Are you looking to add some color and intricate detail to your business attire but also don't want to spend too much? Then we at have the perfect accessory for you!!! Earlier this week we received a brand new collection of two-tone striped neck ties by Italian boutique designer Cavallieri. Have a closer look at the ties featured above (please click on a picture for a larger image) and you will instantly understand what makes these ties so special. Also great is the price.

This striped collection appears like a simple and classic two-tone striped tie. A closer look however will show the intricate woven fabric and delicate stripe within stripe design. Each tie is handmade from finest silk. In addition, Cavallieri used a thicker merino wool lining which adds more volume to the tie and gives the necktie a fuller look - perfect if you prefer a larger dimpled tie knot.

black-polka-dot-tieModern Black Polka Dot Tie
Have a closer look at this stunning black and white polka dot tie by designer Chevalier. What makes this tie so special is the Jacquard woven fabric. The fine dotted design is not printed on, but created by unique weaving method that adds a nice rich look and feel to the fabric. This tie will set you apart from all the other tie wearers. It is a tie that is perfect for office, leisure, and semi-formal events. We prefer to showcase this tie with gray to black suit and classic white dress shirt.

diamond-pattern-black-tieUnique Diamond Pattern Tie in Black & Silver
Looking for a larger, more noticeable pattern, that will add more character to your solid color suit? Then this diamond patterned necktie in silver, gray, and black might just be perfect for you. The colors are elegant and the "mid-century modern" design will keep your formal ensemble from looking to plain and uniform-like. To match this tie we once again suggest to keep suit and shirt in the white & black combination. The best suit would be a 3-button European cut suit in classic black that gets contrasted with a solid white dress shirt and matching white handkerchief. This tie is made from pure silk by designer Chevalier.

scroll-pattern-tieUnusual "Scroll-Pattern" Tie in Black & Gray
This is the most unusual of the three new black ties! Again, tie designer Chevalier created this unique pattern not through an ordinary screen-printing method, but instead decided to weave this design using several dozen different silk yarns in black, silver, gray, and white. Although it is quite a busy design pattern, the classic and formal colors still make this a suited accessory for semi-formal occasions. To match this tie we prefer a medium-gray suit, solid white dress shirt, and contrasting pocket square in either solid black or white.

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