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Monday, 16 December 2013

Top 5 Beauty Products to stock up in your office drawers

By on Monday, December 16, 2013

Do you at any point understand that you use greatest hours of your day at the work place? Office might not be wrong to say that it is no less than your second home. When you are required to sit for extended periods and give your earnest attempts for the duration of the day, for sure feeling crisp and vibrant comes to be more than would normally be appropriate. On the other hand, to stay aware of the enthusiasm and for indicating of that ceaseless start all over all as the day progressed you oblige keeping the tiredness at straight or at least indicate that you are definitely not. So wouldn't it be great if we could not convert your work area drawer altogether into a make-up wardrobe, however a wee space for some helpful top makeup products to accentuate your look can definitely make a difference. 

Top 5 Beauty Products to stock up in your office drawers
1) A compact powder tops the list. Accomplishing your journey from home to the office in the morning and then spending long hours doing your job can accumulate oil on your face. Applying fine layer of compact powder will subtle down the grease and assist you in achieving a matte look making you feel refreshed instantly. Check out some best compact powders offered by many brands like Viviana cosmetics. They come in different tones, namely snowflake, tusk and twilight which are reasonably priced.

Top 5 Beauty Products to stock up in your office drawers
2) A foundation as well as a moisturizer comes in the form of Oriflame skin glow moisturizer. Ladies, you definitely need to stack up this one priceless beauty product. The moment you feel while working that your face displays no charm due to exhaustion and it is time to lift up your mood, just apply a layer of this product and discover a radiant face right away. It will chuck away all the unnecessary flaws by giving you a refined skin. It moisturizes as well as works as a foundation. What a magic product! Give it a try.

Top 5 Beauty Products to stock up in your office drawers3) A lip gloss- lip balm- lip color- all are equally capable of showing up a radiant you instantly. Cracked lips are oh-not-so-flattering. Hence they truly fall in the 365 days essential category. Especially as the winters are nearing, you definitely need to stack up a best lip balm in your kitty. While a lip gloss will add an explicit feature to your appearance, a lip color will bring out a refined personality as well at the work place. Let your lips show up vibrancy all day long. Hover over a wide collection of Viviana beauty products and Oriflame that offer must-have lip essentials at online store.

Top 5 Beauty Products to stock up in your office drawers
4) An eye shadow is a must to add glow to your already beautiful eyes. Your job may require you to look at the computer screens for long hours which may award you with puffy and dark-circled eyes. You can surely update your eyelids with subtle tones of eye shadow in between the breaks. Your work place will surely welcome some neutral shades or the lightest hues of pink, peach or brown.

Top 5 Beauty Products to stock up in your office drawers
5) An eye liner is just as important for enhancing your eyes. Let that dull look disappear in a moment as you define your eyes with a perfect eye liner. A defined pair of eyes will grab all the attention by diverting the focus from the less gratifying features.

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