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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Indian Saree Fashion

Indian people express themselves a great deal through their clothing. Their spiritual quest for perfection plays a role in their choices of beautifully colored, dramatic, and flowing garments. The styles speak to the spirit with sumptuous, vibrant colors woven into the intricate and ornate designs to be found resonating throughout India.

The Indian saree is an extremely versatile garment. It simply consists of a single, rectangular piece of material, five to six yards in length, accommodating any size. The style, color, and texture of this material vary according to region and caste. Different draping styles convey the status, age, occupation, region, and/or religion of the wearer.

The Indian Kurti is another famous type of attire worn by Indian youth. Women wear these knee-length or short kurtis on churidars, skirts or pants. They are available in different colors, patterns, etc. keeping women of all ages in mind. It looks ethnic as well as pretty chic. During special occasions like marriages, engagements, traditional parties, etc; women wear Lehengas. They are either embroidered heavily or have heavy work of stones, beads, etc. They look very elegant and could be a little expensive as well depending on the amount of work you require.

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