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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WARNING Hindi Movie Review (2013)

WARNING Hindi Movie Review (2013)
Rating : 2.25/5
Released On : 2013-09-27
Banner : Eros International, Alumbra Entertainment, Benaras Media Works
Casting : Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues, Manjari Fadnis, Varun Sharma, Jitin Gulati, Sumit Suri, Madhurima Tuli
Music : John Stewart, Toshi-Sharib, Meet Bros
Producer(s) : Anubhav Sinha, Parag Sanghavi, Sunil Lulla
Director : Gurmmeet Singh

To celebrate a reunion and the first year birthday of one of the couple’s baby girl, a group of friends (Santosh, Manjari, Su zana, Madhurima, Jitin, Sumit, Varun) come together. They go on a yacht to the middle of the ocean and everything is beautiful. But an incident occurs and all of them except the baby end up in the middle of the ocean with danger lurking in the form of a shark. What happens after that and whether they survive or not forms the rest of the tale.


Warning : In the last few years, Bollywood has begun experimenting with various genres and while most of them have been working very well, some are quite challenging. One such genre is the thriller wherein creatures are involved. As such, the scope for creating fear factor and tension is quite high but it takes a lot of expertise and good screenplay to deliver that impact on the audience. This was missing in the film. The storyline was interesting and the presentation was also good, but the narrative was a letdown. The dialogues were normal, the script was average and screenplay could not work out. Background score was nice but songs became an obstruction to the pace. Cinematography was very good. In some places, the 3D effects were good. Editing could have been sharp. Costumes didn’t have to work hard and the art department was also quite natural. In acting department, Manjari Fadnis scored the best with her role. Madhurima and Suzana gave the required visual feast with their bikini bodies and sex appeal. Santosh was neat, Varun was alright, Jitin was regular, Sumit was standard. The film takes off with a promising note but loses steam as it passes. The second half had few good moments but overall it could not keep the audience busy. At the box office, the result is not going to be that exciting since the film doesn’t really give that impact.-indiabells

Overall: Interesting storyline but poor execution

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