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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pick the perfect Sunglasses online to flatter your face

A glowing face that mirrors the light and an outfit that explode immense of style- A bright sunny day is all about making the most of it. Though looking gorgeous seems to be a cake walk, there are certain precautions to be taken care of when you step out. Certainly when you are out in the sun you make sure of protecting your skin by dipping yourself in the lotions with highest of SPFs but what about your pretty eyes that are exposed more than necessary to the harmful UV rays? This goes for all the pretty ladies and handsome hunks out there, ‘your eyes equally need some attention’. Hence, a pair of gorgeous sunglasses will take you on a seventh heaven ride the moment you adjust them on your pretty face.

Pick the perfect Sunglasses online to flatter your face

Indeed, we are glad to make you familiar with the fact that 2014 has seen a jaw dropping new trends of sunglasses. By the launch of unheard and exceptional styles this year, the entire array of sunglasses including sunglasses for men have met with a makeover. The sunglass kitty is now blessed with new and happening styles namely circular, oversized, mirrored, protective, decorated and the much trending are cat eyed sunglasses for women. You flaunt one of those and you will instantly earn the tag of a fashionista.

However, every individual has a unique personality and it would be silly to force on every style to fit on your face rightly. Therefore these few handy tips demonstrated below will help u decide better what to choose!

Tip 1- Blessed with a Diamond-shaped faces then rimless frames, frames with distinctive brow-lines or oval frames will work for you.

Tip 2- Flaunt your edgy Square face with softer edged frames like round, oval, even cat-eyed and also thinner frames will make a difference.

Tip 3- Decorate your Triangle shaped face with colorful frames or cat eye sunglasses and also frames with straight top lines will highlight your personality.

Tip 4- Adorn the Inverted triangle shaped face with rimless frames and light colors to look your best.

Tip 5- Beautify your Oblong face with frames that are as wide or wider than the broadest part of the face.

Tip 6- Embellish your Round face with rectangular or squares frames. Much trending thicker frames will also do wonders for you.

Tip 7- Blessed with an ideal shaped face that is Oval face then feel merry as most frames will work for you, but especially square and wrap-around will appear exceptional.

Now, won’t you go out and knock on every store to chase your ideal sunglasses right? Hold on! Your hunt ends right here as you can find an extensive array of  sunglasses online that offers best brands. Guys and girls, make the most of online shopping right away!

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