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Monday, 12 May 2014

Best High-end Watches for 2014

Luxuries beckon each one of us. It can either be in a form of a deluxe trip or even a lavish time keeping accessory that deploys immense of elegance and awards a man with the much glorified status symbol. If we concentrate on the latter, then a luxury watch is all about exceptional craftsmanship and profound quality with unique features that would literally bowl you over. Blame it on some of the generous brands competing for the attention of style-conscious men the world over. Needless to say, every watch tells time but what adds the element of “luxury” to a watch? Let’s find it here.

Alpina Geneve watches - Best High-end Watches for 2014

When you tunnel in the world of posh watches, you will assuredly discover some extremely noble pieces but to your revelation the lack of knowledge can make those very watches appear expensive. Indeed a thorough acquaintance of their functionalities will make them worth it for you.

The craftsmanship is one major factor while exploring a watch. Components of a watch generally differ depending on the type of movement used in it. They are defined by Mechanical- these can be hand-wound or automatic watches. The automatic ones have the ability to fully charge themselves with the movements of the wearer’s hand. Analog- these are battery powered quartz watches with the classical approach of displaying time with hands on a dial. Digital Quarts- These are powered by battery and displaying the passage of time in the form of numbers through the use of liquid crystals.

While Quality ends up being the second most important factor. The components and pieces that build up a watch are extremely complex. If every component exhibits fine quality then it definitely makes a luxury watch. So you can always trust a reputed brand while buying luxury watch as quality assurance is their primary concern.

The third and the most innovative factor are the unique features that the luxury brands have to offer you. Gone are the default shaped watches that merely displayed time. Are you planning to dive? Or you are just about to run the race of your life? Before you make a move have a glimpse of these stunning watches that have to give you features that are just out of the world. These multi-functioning watches have literally changed the meaning of a watch. We bet once you explore them, you would be ever ready to pay the price for it.

Alessandro Baldieri watches - Fashion Of Indian
Best High-end Watches for 2014
  Aviator Purple Women's watch

Byblos Watches - Fashion Of Indian

suunto watches - Fashion Of Indian

Come get acquainted with Alpina watches that stands as a perfect example of all the aspects discussed above. Alpina offers a wide range of multi-functioning watches that comprises of unique watches for Aviation, Diving, Sailing, Adventure and Racing. What more can you ask for? Buy Alpina Geneve Watches Online in India at online stores. You can also consider buying from other international brands like Suunto, Aviator, Byblos and Alessandro Baldieri at lowest price as they have equally contributed in changing the meaning of watches.

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