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Thursday, 22 September 2011

What you should be wearing this Navratri

Navratri Designer sarees

Everyone has different choice but as per my view, Navratri is nine days of music, dance, masti and worship. Women and girls are so excited about navratris that they get special dresses stitched for this festival. They wear new colorful clothes teamed up with costume jewellery, bangles and play dandiya which are the most popular women's folk dance of Gujarat. Lehenga sarees look traditional and beautiful. They are sarees but they looks like lehenga choli.

Green Saree

Great Falsa


Since the main highlight of Navratri is the Dandiya or Garba dance, quite a lot of women prefer Navratri Chaniya Cholis over Navratri Sarees since they prove to be a much more convenient option when it comes to dancing. Nevertheless, if Sarees are desired during Navratri, then it is best to go for a Lehenga Saree . Since Lehenga Sarees are styled liked Lehengas, it becomes much easier to dance Dandiya or Garba in them during Navratri compared to regular Sarees. Lehenga Sarees have become immensely popular amongst the modern Indian women and being traditional in appeal, Lehenga Sarees are spotted a lot during traditional events such as weddings and festivals. The collection of Designer Navratri Sarees and Navratri Lehenga Sarees at Cbazaar offers a wide variety of colorful Sarees that feature traditional embroidered patterns and embellishments in order to evoke that ethnic look that is in demand during Navratri. Navratri Lehenga Sarees draped in the traditional Gujarati style of draping a Saree, which features the Pallu at the front, looks exceptionally wonderful and perfect for Navratri.

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