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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bright Colors in Mens Fashion

Hard to wear as it might sound, the bright color look is one of the more regular trends in men’s fashion. If it’s not on the style scene right now, expect it to come swinging right back in a couple of seasons or so. Sure, it’s an intimidating concept that only seems doable in those glossy men’s magazines. A combination of comfort and confidence is usually all you’ll need to make bright colored clothes a practical daily style choice.

It’s true that bright colors pose the risk of being loud enough to overwhelm the rest of your outfit. This is easily mitigated, though, by employing the right contrast pieces.

Men’s fashion already uses quite a lot of contrast-friendly colors by itself; gray, white and black are three of the colors that the industry will never stop putting on the racks, no matter what fad is on the runways. Apply these colors liberally to your outfit so that you keep the formality and masculinity of the outfit as a whole. The bright color, whether it’s screaming apple green or flamboyant pink, gets toned down into an accent.

This rule could also be flipped to say that there should only be one to two bright color pieces on your outfit at any one time. Bright colors don’t take a lot to get noticed – a necktie or pair of socks in a bold color is easy to spot. Keep the whole look balanced by regulating your dosage of bright and generously heaping darker and more sober pieces.

Many guys’ accessories only go so far as a watch, belt and pair of shoes. This passes up innumerable chances to incorporate brighter colors into your wardrobe for a minimum of cost and anxiety. Consider buying brighter colored accessories for men because they’re so much easier to wear than basic garments like shirts and pants.

The best part about building an outfit with bright colored accessories is that they require such little commitment. Unlike with shirts or pants, there’s little fit or tailoring involved with accessories. Since colorful accessories are also typically made of cheaper materials like plastics, they’re not very costly to get either. Even when you’re already outside, it’s easy to remove or replace accessories should you suddenly change your mind.

Guys who wear formal attire often can make the most of items like a very violet necktie, a bright yellow pocket square or electric blue silk knots. If it’s your casual wardrobe that needs an update, take a look at rubberized watches (Swatch has a wide range of colors), woven belts and colorful plastic shades a la Glee star Darren Criss.

Wearing a head-to-toe outfit in bright colors is never a good idea, and is only likely to make you look like a Pokemon. Layering is an effective (not to mention fall style-friendly) way to balance out bright colors in a look. It’s particularly helpful if you’re going to wear more than one bright item.

Layering pieces are a good investment not just because they’re weather-appropriate or they help to break up bright colors. They’re indispensable men’s fashion mix and match items, making your wardrobe of ten shirts and ties seem so much more expansive.

Start with two cardigans – one light and one chunky – a separate blazer and a vest in the simple contrast colors of men’s style: black, gray and navy. These are the kinds of layers that typically give a lot of mileage, so it makes sense to get these first. They’re also the best at breaking up a bright color and upping your outfit’s guy factor.

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