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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Get High On Boots For A Striking Appearance - Boots For Women

When a woman wears a pair of modish footwear, she tends to radiate immense of poise, confidence and style. Undeniably her choice of footwear sharpens her personality if teamed up accordingly with the right outfits. More or less, women are convinced to show off pretty stilettos, sassy wedges and fabulous flats if asked to at any time any day. But when it comes to showing off a bold pair of boots she tends to shun that thought right there. Better not blame her because styling this particular pair of shoes seems to be a task in itself. To know, there are various styles of boots to choose from. Assist yourself with some handful of styling tips for women boots and you won’t regret.

Get High on Boots for a Striking Appearance - Boots for women

Your body shape matters- Yes ladies, get that right in your heads. It is the first and the foremost thing that matters while selecting a pair of boots that will suit your personality.

Here I am sharing the basic tips:

1: Short/thin women can opt for knee-length, calf- length and ankle boots. While the boots that go above the knee will shorten your height further.

2: Short/curvier women can choose to flaunt knee-length and ankle-length boots. As calf-length may shorten your build or widen your calf.

3: Tall/thin women can select from a wide option of lengths namely ankle, calf-length, knee-high, and above the knee.

4: Tall/curvier women can be thankful as you can grin on the fact that all lengths are appropriate for you.

Ankle-length Boots: This style is the most popular amongst the ladies. It looks extraordinary and can be flaunted easily compared to the rest of the styles. Not to forget that they are appropriate for every body shape and can be worn with pants, skirts or dresses. However, these boots cut your leg off at the ankle, so for short thin girls, make sure to include a good size heel and pair them with skinny jeans/leggings of the same boot color to create a longer line. You can precisely buy boots online for women from Carlton London offered in striking colors. These boots will definitely take your style quotient at a new height.

Get High on Boots for a Striking Appearance - Ankle LengthBoots for women

Get High on Boots for a Striking Appearance - Ankle LengthBoots for women

Calf-length Boots: These boots make appear extremely stunning. However, this style tends to cut your leg off at the calf and some wider shafts styles can visually widen the size of your legs. Therefore, they tend to work best for those with slimmer calves. If you want to tuck your bottoms into these boots, only wear your skinnies or leggings to avoid messing around with your bottoms.

Calf length Boots for women

Calf length Boots for women

Calf length Boots for women

Knee-length Boots: Stack up this boots right away as they make a must-have pair for the winters. Knee-high boots elongate your legs giving them a longer, slimmer look and can be paired with any number of outfits, such as, dresses, skinny jeans/legging, miniskirts, etc. If you have shorter legs, avoid knee-high boots with any horizontal detail, such as straps or buckles, as these details may shorten your leg’s length.

Knee-length Boots for Women

You can also consider buying Lee cooper boots and Lee cooper black boots that will bowl you over with its style. Make sure of stacking up a suitable pair for you as the winter is just on its way!

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