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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Supreme guide to Mens Jeans, Catch perfect Types of Jeans for fitting

Whether you are heading for a film outing, planning to go on a date or basically taking your dog on a stroll, nothing seems ideal to you other than that pair of denims that makes you feel at ease may it be any occasion. However, there's definite nuances that every man needs to explore as you might never know which style suits best to your physique! I recommend every man to come out of the notion of picking any fit and indulge in the exploration of hunting custom-made clothing for men. Go through these tips that will lend you ideal knowledge about how to buy ideal pair of men's jeans?

Supreme guide to Mens Jeans, Catch perfect Types of Jeans For fitting
Types of Fits:
There are four different types of fits. Know which fit you fall in perfectly as this will lead you to pick an ideal pair of Jeans.

Relaxed or wide fit- This fit is basically loose-fitting from top to bottom. It might even lend you that baggy look if you preferably wish to explore. More to that, it makes an extremely relaxing fit just as the name suggests.

Relaxed or wide fit Jeans for Men
Boot cut- Remember those classic Hollywood flicks that showcased the mortal heroes in boot cut fit? It is close fit with a slight flare towards the bottom.

Boot cut For Men
Slim fit- This fit is tapered but not form fitting. This type has been making a lot of hullabaloo these days.

Slim fit Jeans For Men
Straight Cut- This fit is neither tapered not excessively loose.

Straight Cut jeans for men
Know your Body type:
Believe it or not, your body type decides what kind and what style of jeans will suit you the best. Learn the fact that every individual has a unique body type. Hence whether you are short, tall, skinny or heavy-set, there is a pair of jeans just waiting to be discovered by you.

Athletic- It is guaranteed that you would like to show off your hard-earned muscles; hence a type that subtly accentuates your toned physique will suit you the best. For instance, avoid wearing slimmer jeans that can make your muscles appear bulky; instead opt for the straight cut that will lend you a perfect look.

Tall and Lean- If you fall in this category then consider yourself to be a lucky chap as you are blessed to have an ideal body. Straight and boot cut jeans will show off your body, whereas if you’re going for a more casual look, the wide leg jeans is the perfect choice for you.

Slender- Men with a slender figure can opt for a straight fit jeans or boot-cut jeans with a low rise that will flatter your figure aptly. You surely don’t wish to look as if you are swimming in your loose jeans or draw unfavorable attention to your skinny legs in slim fit jeans. Hence, avoid wearing those that turn out to be a disaster pair!

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