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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Stock some Beauty Essentials in your wardrobe for an elegant and confident look

Looking beautiful and attractive tops every girl’s priority list. Indeed, blessed are you if you are awarded with a naturally flawless skin. But the rest of the crowd are requested to grin on the fact that the technology has left no stone unturned in discovering miraculous beauty products for women. Some of the best brands in the world have invented these finest Make up products that not only make you appear beautiful but infact make you ‘feel’ beautiful from within that eventually brings out a confident you.

Stock some Beauty Essentials in your wardrobe for an elegant and confident look

There are countless women’s cosmetics to take care of the little most aspects of your appearance. But today we would like to list some most basic beauty products that every lady should possess which won’t really cost you big and on the other hand sanctify you with a head -turner appearance.

Face Wash- It is simply more than necessary to cleanse your face to fight the dirt and pollution your skin tends to take in on a routine basis. Know your skin type and hunt for a face wash that suits you best. Use it atleast twice a day and you will see the difference. Hence, this is the most primary beauty essential product. Check out some amazing varieties of face washes from Oriflame and Viviana only at online stores.

SPF Lotion- Who doesn't wish to beat that undesired tanning! Ladies, you cannot compromise on these one, especially when the sun is getting more and crueler to you. There are a number of sun care products available in the market, but we suggest picking the ones from a genuine brand and ones which provides atleast SPF 20 for better results.

A foundation basically builds a base for a flawless appearing skin. Hence, it becomes mandatory to apply a consistent layer of foundation on your face. A superior quality foundation tends to hide all the undesired marks and scars on your face. A fantastic product offered by Oriflame is this Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Moisturizer. Perfect for daily use, it works as a foundation and moisturizer as well. Possess this beauty product as it works best as an instant confident booster.

Pressed Powder- Don’t underestimate this product as it equally helps in building a better cover on your face. It simply works as a mattifier once you have applied your foundation. It keeps the greasy texture at bay which gives you a finished look as an outcome. You can opt for Viviana that offers a wide range of compact powders. While Oriflame Very Me No Time For Shine Compact Powder cannot be ruled out either.

Perfume- Fragrances can do wonders to your personality. Don’t blame it on us if you are successful in discovering a fan following as you apply an enchanting fragrance. Perfumes for women are essential as they keep bad odor at bay and also gives you an ultra refreshing feel throughout the day. It is a must have product to lift up your confidence.

Check out a wide collection of splendid beauty products for women that have just been launched by inaugurating best beauty brands in India namely Oriflame, Viviana and Basicare at online stores.

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