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Thursday, 8 May 2014

How to Place an Order on Ecommerce Website with Ease?

Indulging in online shopping seems to be the new age trend. A large mass is now considering these eCommerce websites as a serious business happening, which earlier were hovered by only exceptional crowd. However, for some choosing the right product and placing the order while remaining in safe boundaries still seems to be a mammoth task. Nevertheless, there are few simple steps if looked after can help you place orders hassle free and get hand on authenticated online purchase experience.

How to Place an Order on Ecommerce Website with Ease?

Basic shopping steps to make your online shopping journey a pleasurable one

Step 1: Choose a spot on website that caters best to your needs:
Your day to day necessity is now looked after by these online shopping websites. From the most basic to luxury products, all are just a click away from you. At first, your piece of work is to stop by that particular website that sells authenticated products which you have been contemplating to purchase. For an instance, if you wish to buy electronic goods then do the research accordingly. To end up being on the best one out of all, a little study on number of websites and going through some genuine reviews will help you clear your consciences.

Step 2: “Sign Up” to avail the absolute facilities:
This is a very crucial step that one needs to go through if you are planning to purchase your products online. Making your account on these shopping websites makes your shopping process a cakewalk. It allows you to save your shipping and billing preferences for quicker checkout on subsequent purchases, and gives you access to features like the wish list, where you can save items you would like to purchase later for yourself or share with friends and family. What else comes in handy with this feature is that when shopping at online retailers with the traditional fill a shopping cart model, it is often likely to save by waiting for sales and using available coupon codes. When you sign up for an account you will often begin receiving e-mails about current sales and promotions to help you save.

Step 3: Hover over the category under which your requirement falls:
Once you sign up on the website, feel free to browse through the categories listed on it, for instance, a lifestyle and fashion portal will serve you categories like men’s, women’s, shoes, clothing, watches and the list goes on. Pick the one of your choice that intends to take you to the wide range of collection offered. Now here is where online shopping comes in handy. Your desired product can be availed from different brands, colors and sizes, all at one place. Make sure to check out assorted varieties in terms of brands, styles and designs and of course your personal fondness before adding it to your shopping cart. Appropriate selection for the respective elements will present you some accurate result of products that you were looking out for.

Step 4: Select the payment option that is ideal to you:
Cash On Delivery: This trouble-free method has become more universal and is highly preferred by people, as to pay in cash traditionally, there is no risk of not receiving the product from the online retailer when the payment is done beforehand. You only pay for the product once you receive it. Adding more to that, it is the safest way to purchase online as you need not share your personal details on the web. In this case, the courier company plays a keen role in fixing the process correctly.

Credit card Payment: Indeed, making your online payment through credit cards is another popular way to finish up the buying process. The most widely used method of online payment allows the customers to charge their purchases to a major credit card. To facilitate this, you must use the services of an online payment processor. You have to provide credit card information on the order form, and the details will be securely transmitted via the Web to your payment processor. The processing firm will complete the transaction and send the funds collected from the customer’s card, minus transaction fees, which vary from one processor to the next.

Shopping Tips:

Make a thorough price comparison between all the potential websites that you are considering for your purchase. This is a very vital tip to keep in mind as it will help you save your hard earned bucks and   at the same time will help you decide better where to end up buying.

Make sure of going through the product attributes that suggests the quality of the product with the help of features like size of the product and the material and fabrics used to create the product. While the product description will give you a clear picture of the products working and knowhow’s.

Coupon codes offered by these websites work as hand on discounts for you and you will surely find them exciting while you shop online. Make sure you enter your coupon code before making the purchase. They work as your secret weapon for saving money!

Is it secured enough to indulge in online shopping?

Ecommerce safety has now become quite a major issue due to the increasing popularity of online shopping and people sharing their credit card details on the web seems like just another casual happening. While many shoppers are unaware of how to ensure that their online transactions are safe, secure and private. There are few signs that can help you decide whether the website is legitimate and your shopping course will take place within safe boundaries or not. However, our answer is yes to the above question, only if you consider some vital tips for playing safe online.

Tips on how to pay safe online:

Be aware of phishing sites and emails as hackers may set up websites that look similar to other branded sites and send emails to potential customers of those companies urging them to shop through special links. Even a minor misspelling in the domain name that might miss leads you. Be aware of such ambiguous stuff on web. Confirm the web address is right before you start browsing the same.
It is highly recommended to prefer well-known websites for shopping online. Though, a purchase from an unknown website is extremely dodgy as you are not aware of its doings, a rigorous research for the same is required. Go through some genuine reviews for that website that will help you decide its genuineness.

All pages, including login pages, asking for consumer details, such as billing/shipping addresses and payment information, should have URLs that begin with “https://” rather than the more commonly used “http://.” The “s” denotes a secured connection and provides encrypted communication between a shopper’s computer and the receiving company’s servers.

The safest place to do the online purchase activity is your home. However, one must be extra vigilant while using a shared computer and always make sure to log out and clear the cookies once you are done.

The Pros of online shopping:

Saves time:  Most of the people who have started opting for online shopping swear by the fact of saving their time in abundance. No getting stuck in the traffic jams and no wasting time waiting in the queue for getting your purchase bill done.

All Brands under one roof: Forget the old method of hopping from one store to another. Online shopping truly comes in handy for comparing products of different brands on the basis of prices, sizes and their quality. Few simple clicks can make you choose an ideal product.

Shop 24/7: No one will stop you from shopping in the midnight that too in your pajamas. That is true, online shopping allows you to shop at your utmost convenience.

Aid yourself with Customer reviews: Not so sure about any product and its knowhow’s? Some accurate search can lend you hand on tips whether the particular product is worth buying or not. In this case, you can simultaneously go through the reviews posted by customers that will help you decide.

The Cons of online shopping:

Unavailability of the product at the time of purchase: This seems to be a major con of online shopping. After all you are indulging in virtual shopping; sometimes you cannot convince your mind regarding the product’s quality. Especially if you are buying apparels, you require feeling the fabric and check the products durability.

Anxious until you receive the product: The waiting time is surely a task. You are bound to wait for at least a week, if you have ordered something online, as the shipping process takes time.

Fuss related to online payment:  Sharing your personal details on the web always carries some risk with it. But it can be looked after by taking crucial measures.

Deal with the Damage: When shipping is a part of the process, you can expect to receive your product in a damaged condition.  Make sure that the portal you have opted for has a return back policy accommodated.

However, all the excitement related to online shopping can be dealt positively if you plunge into it with handful of knowledge illustrated above. Potential buyers should surely try their hand on online shopping as some genuine websites are providing hassle-free services to cater your requirements.

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