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Monday, 9 June 2014

Flaunt Your Summer Dresses This Season

The heat is on! It is time to flaunt and groove in some chic summer dresses this season. Is the sun having no mercy on you? Beat the heat with some coolest dresses in trend this season with refreshing silhouettes, amazing necklines and splash of colors. Like every season, summer 2014 is abundant in fashion trends to choose from! Discover a new being in you with experimenting with summer staples such as pastels, floral, maxi dress/skirt, lace, denim jacket, sheer and cotton that are 2014 trends specific! To be precise with the ongoing trends, summer dresses rule big time. They make you feel comfortable and fashionable all together. You can be at ease even when you are out in the scorching heat.

GO FLORAL: Nevertheless floral prints dresses have been the biggest go-getter in prettifying every girl’s wardrobe. This chic dresses can be showed off anytime, day or night! They beautify you and they make you feel sweet 16. How amazing is that! While the floral print trend has been in full bloom for as long as we can remember, spring 2013 brought with it over sized floral motifs that even included 3D designs. Wow! Look bold and beautiful with those eye-catching floral prints.

Flaunt Your Summer Dresses This Season
Summer is a season of colors. While most girls fancy cool or pastel shades in this season, no one can flee the neon which has been added to the summer staples list as a carry forward from 2013-14. Somewhere between the delicate pastels and the bold neon, lies the bright and happy shades of lemon yellow, cobalt blue, fuchsia pink and emerald green that are perfect for this summer. These shades are not as bold as neon nor are they as soft as pastels, but bright enough to help you make a style statement without making you feel conscious about it. Easy going fabrics like cotton work best and adds up to your comfort level.

MONOCHROME: Credit goes to the color-block revolution; the classic color combination - black and white - was completely ignored by the fashion world for a while. Not anymore. Designers’ world over took a break from pairing bold colors together and returned to the basic monochrome combination this season. Enough of wearing printed dresses? Get some bold black and white dresses either blocked or in the combination of itself. You can even glam it up with some neon accessories.

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