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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Wear What Works: Office Wardrobe Must-Haves

Fancy parties, lively social gatherings or movie outings with your buddies are not the only places where you are expected to look your best. Your work place is as important as any other exciting place where you prefer to make a lasting impression. When we think of office-wear we often picture formal attires. Office-wear demands comfort on the first place and the rest follows. We bring to you a bunch of must-haves to complete your office wardrobe for men and women.

Wear What Works: Office Wardrobe Must-Haves

1. The black blazer

A blazer can take an outfit from a 1 to a 100. It just automatically adds a layer of professionalism whether it is with white pants, jeans, or even shorts. Every man and woman, no matter where they work, needs one of these.

2. The pencil skirt- The crisp black pant

This classic statement piece is versatile and can transform almost any outfit into business attire. The first color every woman should purchase is black. As you all know, black is virtually the easiest color to wear. It matches with almost anything and gives your silhouette a sleek look.
While for men, a well-fitted black pant is a specific must-have. It drastically looks apt with every shirt and stands out for its solid color. By wearing black on bottom, you open up many opportunities on top.” 

3. Black heels- Dress Oxfords 

Make a style statement with your stunning black heels, may it be pumps or wedges. They will complete your formal look in no time. Elegant sandals for women at the work place are also essential.

Every man needs a few pair of Oxfords in their wardrobe. When you need to be completely professional, you can't beat them. Opt for best formal shoes for men from Red Tape formal shoes.

4. A statement necklace- A Dark Tie

Now, a statement necklace can work in a variety of ways. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big. It could just be a strand of pearls. Of course, a pearl necklace is very expensive. But you can get some really great quality fake pearls. 

If you are wearing a black suit and a white shirt, you need the dark tie to provide the contrast while maintaining a professional appearance. Once you have the necessities, and then look into textures.

5. A great bag- A classic time keeping accessory

The statement bag is an essential power item for every woman. You want to go for something big enough that it can carry what you need for work. Black leather is always a great way to go, or brown or grey. Black and brown, though, can sustain a lot more dirt. Brands like Lino Perros and Kara should be considered. Elegant tote bags would look great on random days; spot them with your semi-formals.

A wrist without a watch looks embarrassing. A man at the work place requires a classic watch to complete his formal appearance in style.

It’s not about winning accolades at the work place by dressing up appropriately; rather it is about making your presence feel in a positive mode.

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