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Monday, 19 March 2012

Best Indian Summer Clothes Collection

Summer in India can be almost unbearable, with temperatures soaring anywhere between 100 and 136 degrees, especially in places like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. With this kind of heat, the clothing you wear should be designed to make you feel comfortable, even with the sun beating down full strength. In India, summer clothes are created to be loose and comfortable and are mostly made from natural fabrics to absorb perspiration.

Men's Clothing

Best Indian Summer Clothes Collection
Loose-fitting cotton shirts with cotton-blend corduroy pants are the most appropriate for both office as well as evening wear. Linen shirts also make for excellent summer office wear. Other garments that can be comfortable are cotton T-shirts and of course the traditional Indian kurta-pajama. The kurta is a lightly fitting long top (length ranges between 40 and 46 inches) and has long sleeves. The pajama is a lightly fitted pair of drawstring pants. The kurta-pajama is made of khadi (Indian cotton woven on the charkha wheel) and provides great comfort because it is a natural fabric with a distinctive type of weave. Kurtas come in various colors, while the pajamas are usually a light or white color.

Women's Clothing

Best Indian Summer Clothes Collection
The most comfortable summer clothing for women in India is the cotton salwar kameez and the typical Indian sari or saree. The salwar kameez outfit has a loose-fitting top that is knee-length and pajama-style pants that are broader at the thighs and taper down at the legs. Made of pure cotton, this outfit provides great comfort. There is no limit of colors when it comes to women's clothing in India. It comes in bright colors like red, yellow, green, blue and all imaginable shades.

  • Children's Clothing

    Best Indian Summer Clothes Collection - Child's Clothing
    In children's clothing too, the main element remains natural fabrics like cotton. Shorts or Bermudas worn with cotton short-sleeve shirts and T-shirts are ideal for day wear for boys. Cotton dark-colored frocks go well for girls. There is also the kurta pajama and ghagra cholis, a traditional Indian outfit resembling a blouse and long, flaring skirt, which is for special occasions.

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