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Friday, 16 March 2012

Indian Summer Clothes

Summers in India can be hot. In places like Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh, the temperature becomes unbearable. With this sort of heat, you require clothes that are made of natural fabric & they can absorb sweat.

Indian Summer Clothes
Clothing for Men: Pure cotton shirts & cotton-blend trousers are the most comfortable office wear & evening wear. Men can also wear lines shirts, cotton T-shirts, & traditional kurta pyjama. Since kurta pyjama is mostly made of khadi or cotton, it provides great comfort. Kurtas are available in multiple colors but pyjamas are usually white or some other light color.

Clothing for Children: Children must also wear clothes made of natural fabrics. Boys can wear shorts or Bermudas made of pure cotton along with short-sleeved shirts & T-shirts. Girls can wear frilly cotton frocks with dark colors or designs. They can also wear ghadhra choli on special occasions.

Clothing for Females: Traditional salwar kameez is the most comfortable outfit for females in the work of summers. They can also wear traditional & elegant sarees that provide comfort. Cotton clothes for females are available in all bright colors.
Indian Summer Clothes

Things to keep away from: A person must avoid fabrics that do not permit air to pass such as silk & nylon. These fabrics may causes rashes in the work of summers & therefore must be avoided.
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